Printing is the strength and objective major of Tuong Phat. The printing consists of 4 main types which is pigment print, disperse print, acid print and burnout print. Depending on the fabric composition, pattern and effect of the design, it will have the suitable printing type.

Capacity: 400tons/month


  • Flat screen printing machine:
    • 1 set 08 colors/design
    • 1 set 10 colors/design
  • Rotary printing machine: 12 colors/design

Depending on order quantity and printing design, Tuong Phat will arrange to print on either flat or rotary print to achieve quality product with economic efficiency.



Pigment print

Pigment printing uses pigment color and other binding, color fastness chemical, print directly onto the fabric surface. This pigment print is work on any type of knitted fabric and woven, composition inlcude100% cotton to CVC to 100% polyester and so on.The pigment color, binder and color fastness chemicals all have a clear country of origin; some of the special colors are imported from taiwan to ensure the print assurance of final product.

Disperse print

Disperse print works on the 100% polyester composition of the fabric. The printing process consists of printing, steaming, washing and finish setting. During the printing stage, the dyestuff is soaked into fabric by a slight scrape; after that it will go on to steam. The steaming will take around 45 to 60 minutes at 130 degree Celsius – this will help the dyestuff to firmlybind on each single yarn and make the color stay on the fabric. Next, it comes to washing; where the remaining dyestuff is washed away; at this stage, the color fastness of finalproduct is maintained.

Axit print

The Acid print is used for fabric with nylon or wool composition, usually seen in swimwearor yoga clothes. The printing process is similar to disperse print; however, the before-print stage is extremely important because it will affect directly to the quality of printed color.


The burnout print works only on mix composition fabric such as CVC, TC or TR. The printing uses acid type chemical instead of color. The main technique of burnout print destroy the cotton portion of the fabric. After the roubasting washing to clean up the cotton dust, the fabric will see the burned part with the designed pattern. The burnout print is very popular in the America market and some Asian ones. Besides the pattern created by burnout chemical, burnout print can also work together with pigment print, result in unique design and colorful effect.

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